Vijay Mukhi ( is one of the pioneers of the Indian Infotech Industry. For years, he has been the first to teach the emerging technologies in India thus ensuring that India always has people trained in technologies that the world requires. Vijay has written over 80 books on computers and programming over the last eight years on subjects ranging from C, C++ (The Odyssey Series) to Animation and Networking to Java to C#. Vijay abhors complexities and hence his books showcase the most difficult concepts explained through small programs, thereby giving a good understanding. Microsoft's .Net technologies is what Vijay is now focusing on and he aims at writing volumes on it. His knowledge on .Net Technologies is clearly visible in his seven books where he  explains the different concepts relating to Visual Studio.Net in the most simplified form.


Akash Saraf ( is the CEO of Zenith Infotech. His company, Zenith Infotech is a software development company building software for financial services companies as well as in emerging technologies of wireless communications and distributed systems.


Sonal Mukhi ( is a freelance programmer having a widespread exposure to computer techniques and languages. Sonal has done groundbreaking work on various Internet Technologies like Java, ActiveX, Perl, C# and more. She has co-authored a few books on computer programming too.